Kusame Otomiya

Kanji Name

乙宮 草芽

Romaji Name

Otomiya Kusame



Student Council Position

Middle School Vice President


Ryouka Otomiya (Mother)

Itsuki Otomiya (Step-Father)

Haine Otomiya (Step-Sister)


May 1



Kusame Otomiya is Haine's stepbrother and Itsuki's stepson, Kusame is the heir to the Otomiya family. He secretly fell in love with Haine at first sight and refuses to call her onee-chan for that reason.

Kusame is a silver honor student and Vice President of Imperial Academy Middle School's Student Council. He became vice president by earning points, not with money. He works in the Middle School Student Council with Komaki and is forced to become her boyfriend because of a public confession. However in a special not seen in the regular chapters of the manga, Kusame realizes that he likes Komaki and they become a real couple. After accepting Komaki's feelings for him, Kusame ends up competing with Tachibana for Haine's affection as their older sister.