Maguri Tsujimiya

Kanji Name

辻宮 真栗

Romaji Name

Tsujimiya Maguri



Student Council Position

Vice President


Yukimitsu Tsujimiya (Brother)


November 3



Maguri is the vice president of the Student Council. Maguri is Takanari's best friend, even giving him the nickname of Shi-zun (initially he didn't know that Takanari wasn't Shizumasa and later nicknamed him Takataka when he knew). His family are yakuza members, but even so, he has a soft side. His brother is Yūkimitsu, who was the former Emperor before Shizumasa. He is also the only one of the student council members to not kiss Haine.

At the beginning of the series, he is the secret "lover" of Takanari, but Haine discovers that it is just a rumor intentionally spread so that girls would stay away from Takanari. When Haine becomes Takanari's girlfriend, Haine realizes that Maguri's feelings for Takanari are real. Maguri graciously gives up and pursues the Mailman, only to find out that he is really Maora. Maora gets angry at him for being so weak, since when they were younger, they were laughed at by their parents for saying they wanted to marry one another. Maguri realizes that he too loves Maora and promises that he will become stronger for Maora's sake. Arina Tanemura imagines J-Drama actor Mokomichi Hayami as an ideal, cool, and tall Maguri. Their hair texture is about the same. During the invasion, he ties fireworks to his waist in order to scare the guards.