Senri Narimiya

Kanji Name

成宮 千里

Romaji Name

Narimiya Senri





September 27



Senri Narimiya is the school physician, who loves cute high school girls. Apparently, he is a master of the martial arts, as he was able to make Haine faint when she came to visit Shizumasa. He is also the butler of the Togu family and is especially interested in Ushio, which in later chapters, he says is because she looks exactly like Shouka. Senri had once eloped with Shouka, Takanari and Shizumasa's mother, but when Shouka died, he came back to the Togu family pledging his loyalty, and to repent for the elopement. When Ushio falls in love with him, she demands that Senri remove his glasses, which he strongly refuses. When the two meet during the invasion, he tells her that he was only kind because she resembled Shoka, and tells her to leave. She tells him that she loves him, and the two intensely kiss.
In the final chapter, he finally takes off his glasses in front of Ushio, and proclaiming his love for her. It is also revealed, that as part of a dying wish from Shouka, she told Senri that if he ever falls in love with another, he is to come back to the place where she died, and take them off in front of her. In a side story, he has a photo album of Ushio and he is jealous of her uncle and proves to her family that he cheats on women.