Shouka Togu
Sdc 45 22

Kanji Name

東宮 抄花

Romaji Name

Tōgū Shōka


Takanari Togu (Son)

Shizumasa Togu (Son)

Kyouka Togu (Twin Sister)

Shuuichirou Togu (Father)

Kasuga Togu (Niece)

Shouka is the biological mother of Shizumasa and Takanari . She was also a kagemusha, or shadow, for her elder twin sister, Kyouka . Her attendant was Senri, and, as the two got older, they fell in love with one another. After Shouka gave birth to Takanari and Shizumasa, she and Senri eloped. However, Shouka quickly sickened because of her frail body and died, leading Senri to return to the Togu family. He removes his glasses in the final volume with Ushio at the place where she died.

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