Takanari Togu

Kanji Name

東宮 高成

Romaji Name

Tōgū Takanari



Alternate names




The 48th Emperor

Student Council Position



Shizumasa Togu (Twin Brother)

Kyouka Togu (Mother/Aunt)

Shouka Togu (Biological Mother)

Shuuichirou Togu (Grandfather)

Kasuga Togu (Cousin)


October 17



Takanari is the Emperor of the Student Council at the Imperial Academy and Shizumasa's older twin brother. Because of Shizumasa's health problems, Takanari is posing as Shizumasa, though no one knows this except for the Tougu family and Touya (and, later, Haine in Chapter 22 and in Chapter 42, the rest of the Student Council).
In the beginning of the story, he is cold and distant but once influenced by Haine, he becomes more kind and soft. He hated Haine at first and thought she was annoying. Takanari also accused Haine of having a false love for him, saying that she loves him simply because of his uncanny resemblance to her father, Kazuhito. Later, he genuinely falls in love with her and wants her to become his. Even though Haine chose him over his brother in chapter 41 (after learning that Takanari is the real author of the picture book she loved as a child), in Chapter 42, Haine is told by Shizumasa that he officially "died" when he was seven, after failing the test given to all twins of the Togu family. Because of this, he technically no longer exists and therefore is unable to marry Haine, shattering her dreams of becoming his bride. Also, Shizumasa is still angry with Haine for choosing Takanari over him, so he kidnaps him. At the end of Chapter 44, he asks Senri to take him to the hospital, so he can give Shizumasa the bone marrow he needs to save his life, though this is only after he refuses Haine's aid because he doesn't want to take away Shizumasa's last wanted happiness. In order to allow both brothers to decide for themselves what lives they wish to live, Haine confronts their grandfather, who agrees to abolish the Kagemusha System, if Haine manages to clear the trial that originally determined that Takanari would become kagemusha to Shizumasa.
A slight difference between Takanari and Shizumasa is that Takanari parts his hair on his left.
In Chapter 47, Takanari is restored to his family's register; the revelation to the general public that he is actually still alive surprises many. Furthermore, he will become heir to the Kamiya family when he marries Haine. He eventually marries her, but he is still wary because of Shizumasa's early return, and the fact that all three of them will be living together in the Togu's house. In the last words of the story, Takanari states that he was glad that he fell in love with Haine.