Ushio Amamiya

Kanji Name

天宮 潮

Romaji Name

Amamiya Ushio



Alternate Names

Lady Hydrangea

Hydrangea Princess

Student Council Position



February 27



Ushio Amamiya is the secretary of the Student Council and Haine's best friend, who is very protective of her. She constantly tells Haine that Haine is all she needs in life to be happy and regards Haine as being more than just a friend, although Haine herself doesn't realize it at first. In volume 7, however, Haine discovers Ushio's feelings but tells Ushio that she is lying to herself. Angered, Ushio threatens Haine that if she is not willing to be hers, she would not regard Haine as even a friend anymore. Haine obeys her and breaks up with Takanari to devote herself to Ushio, and as she expected, Ushio realizes that in the end, she was wrong. She realizes that all along the only reason why she was so attached to Haine was because she didn't think anyone else would accept and forgive her. When Senri does so, however, she apologizes to Haine for being so selfish. Later in Chapter 34, she confesses that she loves Senri.

She is known as "Lady Hydrangea" by the boys at school. Unfortunately, she absolutely despises boys, but uses them both for her own gain and she dated with a lot of guys. She dislikes social climbers, especially students in the higher ranks. She joined the Student Council, by donating money to the school, to be with Haine. She is also very knowledgeable of Japanese quotes and proverbs. Her father is in the real estate business and her mother is an ikebana master. Ushio is actually the daughter of her father's mistress but was placed into the main Amamiya family at the age of 10 because his legal wife was unable to have children. However, they do not love her so she does not speak with her father for the most part and lives in her own apartment. It is because of their similar circumstances that Ushio and Haine first became friends. When the Student Council invades the Togu residence, she confronts Senri and confesses her feeling for him. She asks if he only watches Takanari and Shizumasa because they are Shoka's sons. She is told to go home, but she tells Senri that she loves him, and they kiss intensely. In Chapter 47, Senri finally confesses his feelings for Ushio, and they become a couple. Her first love was her uncle Reki, whom Senri is jealous of. In a side story, at her uncle's engagement party, Senri arrives and shows the family pictures of Reki with other women. It may be implied that Akatsuki in the side story Nocturne.