Yoshitaka Ichinomiya (Maora)

Kanji Name

一ノ宮 真央羅

Romaji Name

Ichinomiya Yoshitaka



Alternate Names



Student Council Position



August 8



Shinshi 23 Yoshitaka

Maora is the treasurer and brains of the Student Council. Maora is actually a male, his real name being Yoshitaka Ichinomiya, and is childhood friends with Maguri. His parents are fashion designers and Maora usually dresses as a girl. The name Maora was originally a catch phrase he said a lot as a child. It eventually spread among his friends, and that's why most people only know him as "Maora", and not "Yoshitaka". He has two pets, a "mini-sheep" named Okorimakuri-kun, who is the mascot of the series, as well as a cat, named Paru. Maora is secretly the Mailman of the Imperial Academy. As the Mailman, he bonds with Haine and falls in love with her. When his identity was revealed, he tells Haine he loves her and challenges "Shizumasa" (Takanari) for the Koutei title, just so he can make Haine his love. Haine becomes upset, not only because Maora is trying to take her away from Takanari, but also because Maora is only trying to use Haine as a substitute for Maguri, since they are both cheerful and can be rather stupid. Maora believed that he was too "weak" for Maguri, but after a confrontation from Haine, Maora realizes his love for Maguri and confesses to him.

Shinshi 01 mailman maora
Shinshi 23 mailman and cat
Shinshi 23 mailman and cat-0